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Customise login & landing pages

You can customise the login and landing pages, change logo, show images , videos and offer discounts and coupons right on the device when your customer accesses the Free Wi-Fi and you even redirect customers to the website of your choice

Business Marketing

Our marketing techniques and tools provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business. You can have a branded login screen with your logo and background.

Designed for Hotels

Dont lose foreign customers. You can use our app which directly calls mobile phone's camera and you can take photo of any ID document like passport the customer has and save it in our cloud and provide the credentials to customer.

Easy Installation

You just need to plug in the firefly wifi router to your existing lan or adsl router

Sms Verification

Complies with the mandatory sms verification requirement for public wifi hotspot

All in one dashboard

You can access your dashboard from anywhere the internet is available. So no matter you are in your own city or out of town you can run marketing campaigns from anywhere

Set data & time limits

Do not let your customers use your internet session throughout the day. You can set the data and time limits for internet usage in each login session and even lock users phone number to recieve sms again for the period set by you


Sharing Wi-Fi password puts your network security at risk by opening up for terrorist and anti-social elements. FireFly WiFi makes sure that your login process is safe and secure

Customer Data

Using FireFly WiFi you can know your customers better. Capture who comes everyday, or once a week or multiple times daily. We will provide complete customer report with powerful analytics


Customer's Want Free WiFi in Restaurants. Increase your revenue Multi-Fold

Satisfied customers

It is estimated that over 70% of hotel guests will make their decision on where to stay based upon reliable Wifi.

Repeat customers

Today business and holiday travelers expect Internet access in your guest rooms, restaurants, and cafes to make use of the precious time and using it wisely.

Acquire customers frictionlessly

No key chains, apps, or downloads necessary. When customer's access WiFi they enroll in your loyalty program automatically and stay in constant contact.

Automate your marketing

Intelligently and automatically deliver scheduled coupons and social messages to stay in contact with your customers in-store or out.

Control portal page redirect

You can decide where to send the client once they have clicked on the login button. i.e. your own web page.

Manage the renewal time

which is the amount of time the user has to wait until they can login back.

Instant secure internet access

Your customer will love our inovative and simple WiFi login process.

Advertise your hotel/cafe/restaurant through login page

It gives you an opportunity to brand your property with inbound marketing.

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