Q: What is FireFly WiFi?

Ans: FireFly WiFi is managed WiFi, HotSpot solution and marketing company for the leisure, retail and commercial sectors. Whether you want to provide WiFi over a shopping centre, park, or hotel or just provide WiFi HotSpot services at a small venue such as a restaurant or cafe you must do so in a legally compliant, secure, branded and fully managed manner – and we’re here to help. Our range of WiFi HotSpot solutions include simple, plug and play, self install HotSpots for venues such as cafes, hotels and restaurants. Whatever your WiFi requirements, from 100 rooms hotel to a small cafeteria we’ll provide you with good, honest advice and value for money pricing wifi solution for your venue.

Q: Do I qualify to get a hotspot at my location?

Ans: Regardless of your size or business, you qualify to start your own WiFi hotspot at your location if you have an existing internet connection. So whether you’re a large hotel, a small coffee shop, or something in between, our WiFi hotspots are the ideal way to add value to your property and guests.

Q: How do I sign up for a hotspot?

Ans: Setting up a hotspot is easy. Simply call us or email us, and we’ll find out more about the WiFi solution you need. Once you’ve finalised your contract with us, we’ll set your hotspot up for you. We ship everything pre programmed and also provide support over email and phone in setting up the hotspot and you’re ready to go!.

Q: Will my staff, friends and I need to pay to use the WiFi internet once it’s installed?

Ans: No! Ofcourse not. Our software transmits two wifi signals. One is open for guests whose authentication happens in browser and one encrypted for you and your friends like the one you use at your home.

Q: Why should I use a service when I can just buy a wireless router at a local shop?

Ans: There are a number of advantages to using a managed WiFi service but the top are:
a. Advertisement
b. Systemized Revenue Generation for hotels
c. Full Logging of user data
d. Advanaced Security
e. Prevent Hogging of Internet Bandwith
f. Fully Manageble from amywhere in the world.
g. Accounting
h. Database building
i. Inbound marketing

Q: Would your service allow 100-200 people in one location to access internet at the same time?

Ans: Yes we can provide that level of infrastructure but that would really depend on the bandwidth available at that location and how much bandwidth each client uses.

Q: Does your WiFi service replace my existing internet connection?

Ans: No. We are not internet service providers. We would install our device on top of your existing Broadband connection and also we are ISP neutral and are happy to work with your existing internet provider.

Setting up hotspot:

Q: How do I set up my hotspot?

Ans: We set up your hotspot for you – you don’t need to do anything. Once you’ve signed up, a member of our technical support team will come to your location to set up the network including whichever equipment you need. You’ll also be given a tutorial for logging in to your user dashboard where you can do things like track online usage, view sales, view database and visits etc.

Q: What do I require to set up your hotspot at my location?

Ans: You only require an active broadband or 3G internet connection. If you dont have that but only have landline telephone we will activate the internet service on your landline on behalf of you.

Q: Can I set up multiple hotspots?

Ans: Yes! There is no limit to how many hotspots you can set up. You can even enable roaming between your hotspots.

Q: Does your service help protect my location from illegal downloads?

Ans: Yes! Our software has built in Bit torrent blocker which block all p2p communications and thus preventing illegal downloads which in most cases happens over torrent softwares.

Q: What kind of range does your wireless router have?

Ans: We don't offer a "one size fits all" WiFi solution which is a lie. We have a number of equipment manufacturers that we work with in order to provide the right equipment for the right environment to best meet the needs of our clients. We can offer WiFi Hotspots that would be perfect for a small coffee shop or large WiFi Hot Zones that can cover entire downtown areas.

Q: Do you have data usage reporting and logging?

Ans: Yes! We can offer a number of different types of reporting and logging for each location. We track user devices mac address, ip address, start time, stop time, total data uploaded and downloaded etc. These can be exported into a CSV file for later use.

Running my hotspot:

Q: How much will it cost for my guests to use my hotspot?

Ans: It depends on you. Although majority of venues now give free wifi but if you want to charge you can create plans of your choice. You can for example charge Rs.100 for 24 hours.

Q: How do my guests get online?

Ans: When your guest is at your hotspot, they'll connect to your wifi signal and they’ll open their laptop or smartphone and be greeted with a welcome screen which will have your branding. From there they can log in and start using internet.

Q: How do my guests pay for internet usage at my hotspot?

Ans: Your guests can pay in two main ways: buying vouchers from the counter/reception or by buying directly on login page with their credit cards.

Q: How do I get prepaid vouchers to sell to my guests?

Ans: When we set up your hotspot, we give you access to our online voucher generation software. You can then generate voucher of whichever plan you like from there with many in built features to establish proper identity of a user.

Q: Are my guests limited to how much data they can upload or download at my hotspot?

Ans: Depends on you. Voucher Plan creation is completely upon you.

Q: How can I see which users are online?

Ans: When you sign up, we’ll give you an owner account where you can log in to see which users are online and the status of your network. You can also use this account to see user data and see how much revenue you’ve earned.

Q: What if I need help?

Ans: Our technical support team is on hand to help you with e-mail and phone support.